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Easy-lift - Arborist model

Introducing The EASY-LIFT Harness. The future of Landscaping, Arborist and Forestry equipment. The Easy-Lift harness is a power assisted lifting harness designed to make trimming, edging and pruning safe and easy by reducing stress and fatigue caused by extended use of landscaping equipment. By lifting up to 100% of the weight of your line trimmer, hedge trimmer, edger or power pole saw, the EASY-LIFT reduces the strain and vibration on your hands, arms, shoulders and back. The EASY-LIFT Harness is the most advanced lifting harness on the market because it allows landscaping, reforestation and pruning tasks to be performed safely and efficiently without pulling the operator forward. Unlike 2 point and 4 point harnesses, the EASY-LIFT's ergonomic design transfers the weight of the implement to the backpack frame, encouraging proper posture. With proper use of the EASY-LIFT Harness you can significantly reduce the repetitive motion injuries associated with using these implements on a daily basis. If you're an owner or manager of a landscaping or arborist crew, you know how valuable that is. Your profits increase greatly when you or your employees are working safely and getting more work done in less time. It's easy to see how the EASY-LIFT can give you and your crew an advantage over the competition.

Price: $499.00

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